Build instant rapport with people

Build instant rapport with people

Hi All! Here is a fun little exercise for you to do on your lunch break.

That will help you to be a more well rounded person with this crafty NLP technique up your sleeve!

Ask yourself are you a visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) or kinaesthetic (feeling) based person.

Heres a quick way for you to find out – Close your eyes and picture something that has made you very happy; whether it be a holiday, birthday or a perfect meal and go through that memory in detail. Really start to add in the little things, see if you can smell that moment, taste it etc. Now you will know what comes up more feelings, seeing things or hearing things.

Now here is the fun part! create a story using another sense/mode to what you mainly use. So if you are a person who hears more try to feel more. Or if you are based on feelings try to see more.

Here’s an example of all three in one quick sentence. ‘I was walking through the woods and could FEEL the crunch of leaves beneath me. I could HEAR an owl hooting and I SAW a fox run past me.

The idea of this exercise is so that you understand what language you mainly use and how it affects others around you. Now you can find out what type of person your friends, family and work colleagues are and you can use this method to try to match them and build better rapport and relationships with them. Just by mirroring that language.

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