Eliminate Time Wasters

Eliminate Time Wasters

If you are a person under stress, then it could be because you may be doing little
things that are robbing you of more time than you think. While you may not even
be aware of it, by controlling the little things more effectively, you could discover
that you have the time you need to live less stressed.


Here are a few things that may be eating away at your time each day:

1. Phone time – Strive to limit your phone calls to be long enough to
accomplish your business. Cut out the chatter, but still be friendly. A lot of
time is wasted unnecessarily on the phone.

2. Shorter lunch hours – Keep it to the time allotted. Use your lunch for other
things besides eating – get in a little exercise, take a short nap, etc.

3. Surfing the Internet – if you tend to do this while you should be working, it
is not helping reduce stress. Stay focused and accomplish more.

4. Checking email or answering text messages – Limit yourself to a couple of
times a day. Otherwise, it consumes a lot of time. Do the most important

5. Waiting in line – If you have to wait, come prepared to be able to handle
other things. Read a book, jot down some notes, call a friend, etc. Don’t
waste that precious time.

6. Computer games (online or off‐line) – Speaks for itself.

7. An unorganized desk – A lot of time is wasted trying to find things you
need. A little more organization will help reduce important time wasted
while digging through paperwork.

8. Too much socializing – Talking too much with fellow employees always
limits the amount of work actually accomplished. You can get more done
by being more focused at work and spending less time at the coffee

9. Taking shortcuts – This one should be obvious but it is possible that some
one may not have figured it out yet. Do it right the first time, or you will
have to take time and do it over later.

10. No prioritizing – Trying to do the little, less important things and ignoring
the more undesirable larger tasks is a good way to have a lot of important
work undone. This puts greater stress on you to do impossibly large tasks
at the last minute – which can’t be done.

11. Don’t procrastinate – Here is the one thing that may be behind most of a
lot of people’s stress. Waiting until the last minute, or focusing on the
wrong thing. Remember that being busy does not always mean that you
are doing either the best thing, or the more important thing. Prioritize,
and then just get started. Leave off the rest. You can sleep better at night
if you know you have done the things that matter the most.