Handling Work‐related Stress

Handling Work‐related Stress


Stress in the workplace has mirrored that in the world with a general increase.
Job stress is hurting many people who do not know how to cope with it. In some
cases, people are simply taking time off from work just to be able to get some
Chances are very good, however, that if you are feeling the stress – so are others.
The good thing is that it is possible for one person to make a difference. First, in
how you can reduce your own stress, and secondly, how you may help to make
the workplace more enjoyable for others, too ‐ both may be possible.
Here are some tips on how to reduce your own stress in your workplace.

1. Meet with your boss and make sure you get a clear understanding of:
• Your responsibilities
• Your performance
• Your weaknesses – things that need improving.
2. Be generous with praise. It’s contagious!

3. Separate work from the home life.

4. Turn off the electronics – work does not need to be bothering you at
home. You may need to specify that you are not to be bothered after 7:00
PM, or the time of your choice.

5. Manage time well. Use your time to your advantage. Misusing it, such as
taking too long for lunch breaks, or at the coffee machine, will only
increase stress because you may not have enough time for necessary

6. Communicate when problems develop.

7. Avoid negative people.

8. Find another job if you must. Eventually, you may realize that some places
are not going to change. They may not care for you or your stress‐related
problems. That is when it is time to find another job. Realize, however,
that the grass may not be greener on the other side. You will not know
until you get there.