Do you want to have the unique experience of discovering your past life? Find out how issues in a past life could be affecting you in this life.

Discovering your past lives is a hero’s journey. It is more than simply finding out who you were in another lifetime; it is a quest for enriched existence and deeper consciousness that honors and feeds your spirit. It expands your reality and your capacity to move through the universe. It gives you the opportunity to let go of old baggage that has been holding you back, work through karma and patterns, expand your awareness, and begin to make choices that enhance life.

With so many techniques available at our disposal, clients are always successful in retrieving memories of other life times and the experiences between lives.

Beyond reviewing the events of another lifetime, it is possible to do so much more:

  • Understand your soul purpose as well as your life purpose
  • Gain insights into relationships
  • Resolve karmic issues and cycles of behavior
  • Heal otherwise unexplained illness, disease, personality quirks, addictions, phobias, and fears
  • Communicate with the past life aspect to share wisdom, lend support, and suggest options
  • Experience the time between lives to reduce fear of dying, gain insights into the death experience, communicate with spirit guides and helpers, learn about your decisions for this life, and your purpose for this incarnation
  • Explore your role in history and how it affects you today

Exploring past lives not only deepens your self-awareness, but aids in enhancing your memory and expanding your entire consciousness.