I offer professional and confidential help with many mind related matters which include: –

Anger Inhibitions * Self Harm *
Anxieties * Interview Nerves Sexual Confidence
Bladder Problems * Jealousy Shyness
Binge Eating * Lack of Confidence Skin Problems (Stress) *
Blushing Low Self- Esteem Sleeping Difficulties *
Childhood Trauma * Motivational Issues Slimming (motivation) *
Claustrophobia * Nail Biting Social Anxiety
Compulsions * Nervousness Stress Management *
Concentration Nightmares Stuttering/Stammering *
Confidence (lack of) Nightmares Tension
Dentist Fears Nose Picking Tinnitus *
Depression (non clinical) * Obsessions * Trauma *
Driving Test Fears Pain Control * Weight Control *
Eating Disorders * Panic Attacks * Work Stress *
Embarrassment Performance Issues Worrying (excessive)
Emotional Problems Phobia *
Exam fears Poor Self-Image
Fear of Intimacy Public Speaking
Flying (fear of)  Quit Smoking
Grief * Relationship Problems
Guilt Feelings Relaxation Problems
IBS * Sales Performance

* These conditions may need your GP or Consultant’s approval before treatment with Hypnotherapy can start. For more information, or if your difficulty is not listed here, please call me on