What exactly IS hypnotherapy??

I am asked quite often “what’s the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?”

Then followed normally by “so what’s the major difference between hypnotherapy and all the other psychological work?

Well let me tell you; I think for starters hypnosis, is in fact,  nothing more than a tool, albeit a very specialised tool that can produce apparent miracles on occasions, and like all tools, it cannot do anything at all until somebody puts it to work.

Hypnotherapy is a skill which uses the tool of hypnosis for the administration of many and various forms of psychotherapy. A good analogy is the difference between a saw and woodwork – a carpenter uses the saw to carry out the task of working with wood. But the very best of saws is useless without the craftsman to skilfully weird it.

Now its worth recognising that hypnotherapy is totally different from any other form of therapeutic intervention. No drugs, no manipulation and does not rely on the client’s intellect to make it work.

But the major difference is that all other forms of psychological work – counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatry and the like – are based around conscious processes of thought, and because it is conscious work can often hinder its success.

However I work with something quite different. Which hypnotherapy I approach the subconscious part of the psyche, helping the clients to resolve difficulties at a level where conscious thought cannot interfere, either for good OR bad.

It is precisely because of the fundamental change to the thought processes that a client will then be released from a symptom or habit so completely that s/he may easily begin to believe that ;

‘it was never really that bad in the first place.’


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